A Stylist Dishes On The Top 10 Fashion Trends For 2023

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Now that 2023 is in full swing, let’s zoom out and prepare ourselves fashion-wise for the year ahead. To be savvy about our investments we chatted with Stitch Fix stylist Alicia Lloyd and asked her to highlight the top 10 trends being forecasted for this year.

Intentional Wardrobes

“Now more than ever people are prioritizing high-quality, versatile and trend-proof clothing. In fact, 80% of our clients want to be more thoughtful when shopping for clothes, and 90% prize quality over quantity. Think of an Intentional Wardrobe as a capsule closet, but personalized to you.”

Business Comfort

“As the line between workwear and weekend-wear continues to dissolve, we predict that Business Comfort will evolve to 24/7 dressing, utilizing elevated essentials for a variety of uses for work and play.”


“‘Vacationcore’ was our clients’ TikTok trend of the year and ‘Coastal Grandmother’ was featured in client requests even well into the fall season. We predict the fashion holiday will continue into 2023 with Beachcomber, which sees men and women integrating tropical prints and breezy fabrics into their everyday wardrobes.”

Garden State

“Garden State is floral-centric with a muted, delicate touch. Men and women alike will lighten up their wardrobes with a more subtle approach to pops of florals.”


“We will continue to see a mix of much loved saturated shades, rich textures and bold prints in 2023.”

Clementine Colors

This fierce, juicy orange shade will give our closets and moods a boost.”


Prep School

“Already we’re seeing a sweet, sophisticated and fun take on preppy dressing (think: mini skirts, pleats, prim button-ups and oversized blazers) – all with a cool edge which will continue throughout the year.”

Proportion Play

“Women will embrace statement oversized silhouettes such as baggy trousers and pair them with crop tops or opt for cozy oversized cardigans paired with leggings.”


“Men’s fashion will blur the lines between sporty and professional with performance fabrics for professional pieces. We rank Commutercore as our #1 trend for men in 2023 with 70% of male clients wanting to wear performance fabrics for everyday living.”


“Another men’s fashion trend we can expect to see a lot more of includes outdoor looks and utilitarian details such as flannels, puffers and heavy wool sweaters.”

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